Landlords holding long-term triple net leases with large, investment grade credit tenants are sitting on an asset that can be converted into dollars today. This not only gives the landlord cash on hand to be used without restrictions, it also releases him/her from the risk of not receiving payment for the full duration of the lease.

Sample Applications:

|  Upgrading a Shopping Center 

 Sample Problem:
 An owner of a large shopping center wants to attract a tenant who, if they can sign a lease, will bring in a sizable chunk of revenue for the owner. The tenant, however, will only sign a lease if the owner makes some improvements to the space and surrounding common area. The owner currently does not have the funds available to do so and therefore will lose this prospective tenant. 
 Our Solution: we'll work with the owner to give him the full value in today's dollars of one of his current leases. That will give him money today he can use to attracting valuable tenants.     

|  Avoiding Foreclosure

 Sample Problem:  An owner of an office park is not meeting some of the covenants on her current loan on the property. To avoid foreclosure and recourse on the loan, she'll have to pay a part of the loan down. Unfortunately, she does not have capital to do so and a sale of the park is not an attractive option.

 Our Solution: we'll get the owner the full present value of her future leases with investment grade credit rated corporations today so she can save her ownership of the park and not go into foreclosure.