There are many federal tax schemes aimed at increasing investments in specified sectors. Greener Earth can structure financing to attract more investors into investing in projects by deferring the investment into the future, after the benefits are realized. This translates into an infinite return, because no money is invested upfront for savings in the future.  

Sample Applications:

|  New Market Tax Credits

Sample Problem:
 A large corporation wants to invest in a project to benefit from the NMTC program. The corporation is leery, however, because it doesn't have a lot of cash on hand. 

 Our Solution: we'll structure financing that will cover the cost of the investment. The corporation times the future payment for the equity investment into the project so as to never pay more than is being realized in financial savings.    

|  RECs

 Sample Problem:
 A solar company needs financing to complete their capital stack. They have an investor interested in the RECs their projects are expected to obtain, but the investor won't invest upfront for those RECs.  

 Our Solution: we'll work with the solar company to structure a pre-sale of the future RECs their project's will be receiving. Payment for the RECs by the investor will start in the future, after operations start. For committing to purchase the RECs in the future, the investor will get them at a discount in hopes the market price will be much greater. This allows the investor to play the market and capture that spread without coming out of pocket. This also allows the solar company to receive the financing it needs without giving up equity.