Municipalities and other local governments around North America are competing with one another to attract job-creating companies to move into their area. Economic Development Boards are doing all they can to increase the size of the companies already established. These efforts sometimes include offering incentives, issuing bonds on behalf of the companies, or even handing over money upfront, tactics that are sometimes very costly and unpopular with constituents. Greener Earth works with municipal governments and EDCs to attract and grow business without having to come out of pocket. 

Sample Applications:

|  Creating a Business Park

Sample Problem:
 A city wants to turn a portion of vacant, city-owned land into a business  park. This park with create hundreds of jobs and increase the tax base of the property. The companies the city is in negotiations with have offers from other  municipalities that are too costly for the city to match or beat. 

 Our Solution: we'll work with the city to structure agreements with the companies in a way that allows us to finance 100% of the funds those companies need to construct and operate. The land can stay owned by the city or purchased by the companies, and the city can maintain first position. The city does not have to guarantee debt, issue debt, or take on any debt to their books, nor do they have to come out of pocket.    

|  Increasing Business with Vendors

 Sample Problem:  A school district tested out technology that would keep kids safer while on school grounds. After the test period the school board agreed to roll out the technology at all the schools in the district. The technology provider, however, needs partial payment upfront to fulfill the order as it is too large for them to finance themselves. An upfront payment would require the school board to have to allocate funds away from education or even force them to raise bonds. 

 Our Solution: we'll work with the school board to enter into an agreement with the technology provider in which will allow the school board to pay over time and not have to reallocate funds or take on more debt. The technology provider will receive 100% of the funds they need to fulfill the order and cover a profit margin.    

|  Saving on Energy Costs

Sample Problem:
A county recently had a energy audit that revealed multiple steps it could take to cut down on energy costs, including replacing light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, updating the central heating and cooling systems, and exchanging old windows and doors with more energy-efficient ones. The cost upfront for everything is sizable, but the savings down the road would take a huge burden off the budget for years to come.

 Our Solution: we'll work with the county to allow them to spread payments to their vendors out over time, payments which are less than the projected savings. The vendors receive payment now for the products and services they provide and the county never comes out of pocket to pay for any of it, nor do they take on any debt.