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Manufacturers in all sorts of industries are finding it hard to fulfill orders for their best and biggest customers because they don't have the funds to ramp up production. Lines of credit they've held with banks for years have dried up and bringing in an equity investor is expensive and unattractive. At Greener Earth we can work with your supply, service, purchase, and/or lease agreements you have or can enter into with your corporate or governmental customers to structure debt financing without the issuing costs of bonds and without putting liens on assets.  

Sample Applications:

|  Supply/Purchase Agreement

Sample Problem:
 A medical device manufacturer is currently selling to a large healthcare company that wants to triple their off-take. In order to fulfill this increased order, the medical device manufacturer needs funding. 

 Our Solution: we'll work with the manufacturer to negotiate a purchase order that can be utilized as a source of collateral for a debt loan. The manufacturer does not have to put liens placed on their patent, equipment, or other assets and the healthcare company can satisfy their demand for the product they need.    

|  Lease Agreement

Sample Problem:
 A technology company manufacturing modular energy units that allow large buildings to go off-the-grid and produce their own electricity has attracted the attention of a University who is looking to cut down on energy costs and decrease their carbon footprint. In order to provide the University with the units they need, the technology company needs financing. 

 Our Solution: we'll work with the technology company to structure the order into a lease agreement, whereby the University pays them over time and they get 100% financing now. The University benefits by not having to pay upfront, stretching payments out overtime after it already starts realizing energy savings. Furthermore, the technology company can now attract more customers because they have access to the required financing and don't have to charge customers for their units upfront.   

|  Service Agreement

Sample Problem: 
A software company has a patented surveillance technology they install and maintain for clients in both the public and private sectors. The actual product is a loss-leader; the real revenues are made through the service agreement the company enters into with their clients to operate and maintain the software over time. A global aerospace and defense company wants to use this software to increase security but the order is too large and therefore costly for the software company to fulfill.

 Our Solution: we'll work with the service agreement the software company would enter into with the aerospace and defense company to use as collateral for a loan. Since the service contract is so large, the software company can over-fund for this particular order and use the excess for other purposes.