Sometimes our clients don't have the proper revenue streams or other sources of future income to use as collateral for 100% debt, non-recourse loans. We work with these clients, their investors, and the companies they work with to find creative solutions around this. 

Sample Applications:

|  High Net Worth Investors 

 Sample Problem:
 A project developer has an equity investor who has cash available but does not want to invest anymore funds upfront. The developer, however, needs a bridge loan to get the project moving. Bridge loans are not available through conventional banks and hard money is too expensive and it's terms are too cumbersome.   
 Our Solution: we'll work with the project developer and his investor to issue a letter of credit or other financial instrument off the funds the investor has in his accounts. Those funds will stay in the name of the investor and will continue to accrue interest. We will structure the loan repayment to match the projected timing of final funding or operations to make sure the investor's funds never leave his accounts.

|  Performance and Bank Guarantees

 Sample Problem:  A developer of biofuel refineries has hired one of the largest EPC contractors in the world to build, operate, and maintain the refinery. The EPC contractor has a strong financial and PR interest in partnering with this developer on refineries now and in the future. The developer is having a hard time finding financing and the EPC contractor does not want to invest themselves. They do, however, often issue performance guarantees through a top tier bank for projects in which they are involved.

 Our Solution: we'll work with the developer and the EPC contractor to structure the appropriate performance and bank guarantees to use as collateral to receive the financing needed to move the project forward. No lien will be taken, nor will there be any lender oversight into the project after funding.